Monday, May 31, 2010

A great excuse to drink too much water, an interesting chew toy, and track practice in a thunderstorm

Mitchell has decided that he is in love with water.  He just can't get enough.  I normally let him have as much water as his little tummy will hold, but start limiting liquid intake around bedtime, for obvious reasons.   Earlier today when I asked him why he loves water so much, he responded, "That is just the way God made me, mom!  I need water!"  

Well, bedtime was coming nearer and there was no end to his thirst - he kept sneaking drinks of my water and actually sticking his head under the bathroom faucet - telling us over and over again that he must drink because God made him that way.  How does one argue with a thirsty boy who God made that way?

This is a big week for Jack - he has his first tooth!  His already insatiable need to chew everything has only increased and his daddy found an interesting chew toy for him today. 

That's what happens when you leave the room for a bit and the boys take over.  Eww....

Ben doesn't show too much interest in sports so far, but he does get pretty crazy excited about going to the track with daddy and "practicing" with him.  He woke up this morning already excited, knowing it was the plan for them to go together, so when the thunder and rain started, he thought the day was ruined.  Well, my husband is a bit crazy when it comes to track, so he decided to go despite the terrible conditions and took Ben along with him.  He was so excited to still be going that he left the house without his shoes on and had to be reminded to go get them!  They returned a couple hours later, soaked to the skin, covered in sand from the long jump pit, but grinning like...well, like little boys who got to go play in the rain.   

Getting Started or Getting It Out of the Way?

I remember back when I used to journal regularly and I would feel intimidated by the very first page of a new journal.  I always felt such pressure to make it really intelligent and worth having such a privileged position of first page!  It would sometimes take me days to work up the nerve to get the first page written.

Well, I feel intimidated again in much the same way!  It is not my plan to make this my journal, yet still I feel like, this being my first post, it should be special in some way.  Maybe just getting started is special enough.

So I now officially have a "first entry" and I can get on with the simple fun of telling stories about my lovely and often hilarious big and little men in my life!


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