He Said What?

Jack is a lover of both books and IPhones.  This was apparent to me today when I took too long a pause when reading to him today.  He waited for second for me to continue, then looked at me and said, "I just wait.  It's loading."

Ben asked me today where Grandpa Bruce was.  I told him I thought he might be having a little siesta and Ben said, "What?  He's having a party?  Where?"  Clearly, they have covered "fiesta" in Spanish class already...

"Mom, what does Nissan mean?"  I explained to Mitchell that it doesn't really mean anything, it is just the name of a kind of car.  "Then why does that song say, "Ni-san earth, good will to men?"

Mitchell asked me today what a bad habit is.  After explaining it to him, I gave him a few examples such as biting your fingernails, spitting, picking your nose, and smoking.  He must have had something else in mind when I said "smoking" because he then asked me if lighting yourself on fire is a bad habit too.

Matt and the boys came wandering into the kitchen this afternoon, and, after rummaging around through the drawers for a minute, Matt said, "Deb, we need a lighter and something flammable."

Jack has learned to say "Ah, nuts!" and since we all laugh at him when he says it, he cracks up after every time he says it too!

Mitchell was searching for a word today and needed a little help.  "Mom, I'm trying to remember what you call that storm that sounds like a tomato... Is it tormado?"  Even after correcting him, he still pronounces tornado "tormado."

This morning, as Mitchell was eating his cereal, he gave a sniff and said, "I smell something stinky... like Porshe oil... or sewer... *sniff sniff* I think it's my mini-wheats!"

For dessert tonight, Mitchell asked if we had any "hopscotch pudding" left.  I gave him butterscotch, and he thanked me for it, so I assume that is what he meant.

Today, Mitchell told me he needed a hair cut saying, "I think I'm starting to look like a lady!"

After playing in the snow this morning, the boys were starting to get cold and were ready to call it quits.  On our way back home, Mitchell complained, "Mom, why can't we just live where it is always sunny and warm and our knees never get cold?!"

As we were riding in the car today, Ben asked me for a tissue to blow his nose because, "his boogers smelled funny!"

"Hey mom!  I found a new way to get ornaments on the tree!  You just throw one at a high branch and then when it falls down, it gets stuck!"  -Ben

Today, on the way to the craft store, Mitchell and Ben were discussing how excited they were about all the Christmas decorations they were sure to see there.  Suddenly, Mitchell piped, "Mom?  When will they have Halloween decorations there again?"  I told him he'd have to wait a whole year, but didn't he like the Christmas decorations better?  "Well, I really like skeletons!  I'm all about that!"

Today, when the doorbell rang, Mitchell went running for the front door.  When he discovered it was only the mail man, he sighed and said, "Oh man!  I thought it was Santa!"

As Ben was snuggling up to his blankie at bedtime tonight, he said to me, "Mom, I love my blankie so much I don't even have the right words to talk about it!"  I said that was a very special thing, but he interrupted me mid-sentence, clearly not finished with his thought: "It is the same way I feel about Jack, actually!"

A few nights ago, when Matt was already drifting off to sleep and obviously only semi-conscious, I mentioned to him that he was beginning to snore.  He sleepily responded that he was NOT snoring, he just had his shorts stuck in his throat.  Hmm...

"Santa Claus sounds a little like a girl's name." - Mitchell

"Will there be dentists in heaven?  Can I still be one?" - Mitchell

"Daddy, when we get to heaven we won't have to go pee anymore, will we?" - Mitchell

Mitchell was busy pointing out places he has bones today and asked me if I have bones too.  When I assured him that I do have bones, he said,"But you're a girl!"

"Mom, does God wear unders?" - Mitchell

Ben and Mitchell were trying to play a game today, but couldn't agree on how to play it.  Ben finally got frustrated and said to me, "Mitchell is getting too many ideas of his own, and I don't like it!"

The boys both got a bit sunburned at the beach this last week, but are enjoying putting aloe on their tummies and backs.  This morning, Mitchell came up to me and asked, "Mom, I want jello on me again!"  I assume he meant aloe...

Today, with a worried look on his face, Ben asked, "Am I wearing underwear?"

Mitchell calls pineapples "poky pears" and peaches "beaches."

"My life's goal is to do a one-armed pull-up."  -Matt

Mitchell names one of his cars Momcouch today.  Are you trying to tell me something, Mitchell?

I asked Ben where wood comes from and he said, "Home Depot!"

Ben landed so hard on his bottom after a big jump that missed the pillow he was aiming for that he exclaimed, "That hurt my teeth!"

I told Mitchell that I needed to clean the whole house in one day and he asked me how I was going to clean the ceilings.

Ben was eating his dinner one night, which was still a bit hot and he said, "Boy, I sure have hot breath!"

Mitchell is certain that God LOVES olives.

Mitchell was making loud, strange noises and when I asked what he was doing, he said, "There's a car alarm in my mouth!"

Ben decided against snuggling me today saying, "Your hair is just a little too messy."

Mitchell measured me and decided I am "14 seconds big."

At the grocery store, I noticed Mitchell was chewing on something.  When I asked him what he had in his mouth, he said, "Oh, just some apple.  It's healthy, mom!"  At that point, I looked around me in the produce section and noticed little bites out of a dozen or so apples and pears, right at little Mitchell's level all throughout the fruit section.

Matt and the boys were all watching Track and Field this afternoon.  After a bit, the boys got restless and Matt asked whey they weren't paying attention anymore and Ben said, "Because its just the girls right now!  We don't want to watch the girls running!  We're waiting for the guys!"

There was a funny smell in the car today, which got the conversation started about tooting.  At one point, Matt asked if mommy's toots smell like something smelly and Ben said, "No, mommy smells like you when she toots!"

Mitchell had a bag of assorted jelly beans that he was picking through today.  He popped one in his mouth, chewed for a second or two, made a funny face, and said, "this one tastes like dead squirrel!"

"Why did God make you so slobbery, Jack?" - Mitchell

While watching the part of "The Land Before Time" where Little Foot's mother dies, Ben turned to me and said, "Mom, this part of the movie is so sad, it makes my eyes squint and water!"

Mitchell loves to point out and watch in action cemix makers (cement mixers) on the struction sites (construction sites.)

I couldn't find something of mine today and asked Mitchell if he had been playing with it.  He answered, "Hmm...I didn't see myself play with that!"


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