Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Fair!

Mitchell is almost always entertaining.  He's smart.  He's funny.  He's goofy.  He asks rediculous questions.  He hops up and down when he's excited.  He will show even the mailman his treasures if he can trap him for long enough.

Today was no different.  A long boring car ride was spiced up a bit with the musings of Mitchell.  He asked me if I was tired and I answered that I was a little bit.  He offered to trade seats with me so I could rest a little and let him drive - "Mom!  I know how to drive!  I'm serious!  Give me a chance!"

I told him I wasn't quite that tired and also that he wasn't quite big enough to actually drive for real yet.  Thought that settled it.  Nope.

A few minutes later, a Mini Cooper drove by and Mitchell brightened up again: "Mom! That car is definitely smaller than ours!  I could drive that one for sure!  We really need to get one of those!"

He was so serious about the idea of a small car being for smaller people that it made me almost sad to tell him that no, he was still not old enough, even if he felt he was big enough.

Well, he did not care for that answer.  "Well that's not fair to all the kids out there who want to drive!"

That's so true, Mitchell.  Six-year-olds wishing to drive cars really get a tough break in life.


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