Tuesday, August 28, 2012


All three of my boys are enamored with our doorbell.  I am not.  I will be up in my bedroom getting dressed when the chimes go off - a very long, annoying song that never ends!  And it gets worse!  The first and second floors are slightly off somehow and play the song not simultaneously, but in a painful, discordant chorus that hurts my ears and makes me want to smash the doorbell to bits and pieces!

Did I mention the boys love that doorbell though?  They sometimes go out the back door, walk around to the front of the house, ring the doorbell, then wait for me to open the door for them, eyes peaking through the mail slot.  If allowed to, Jack will push it over and over again just to hear the "pretty songs!"

Well, I finally made a hard and fast rule about no doorbell ringing in our house.  It was not an easy pill for the boys to swallow, but something had to be done.

So while we do not have that song playing constantly in our house anymore, the church down the street plays the exact same tune every hour!  Granted, that is a more musical and peaceful version, but I find it ironic that I just can't stop the doorbell song from playing.

One evening, when we were walking around town after dinner and the bells went off, Jack noticed the tune and said, "Hey mom!  Can you hear the church's doorbell? They better not ring it!  You said no!"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Message

Ahh, Mitchell... So mysterious to me at times, yet so sweet and thoughtful in his own unique way.

Just when I begin to wonder what is going on in his little head, he surprises me with a little message to let me know what he is thinking.

I found this little message - Mitchell-style, on my bathroom counter today:

How do I know it was Mitchell?  I just do.  


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