Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save the crocodile!

Today, on our first official day of summer break... we ran out of things to do.  It was just so hot outside and the big boys insisted that since they have "been so busy" all year, they wanted to do nothing today.  

So while Ben and Mitchell "did nothing" together - which consisted of building a massive castle out of Legos, pushing Ugly Dolls around on the vacuum, and making potions in the sink - Jack kept getting in their way so they banished him.  He was forced to play with me.  

No matter to Jack.  He tromped into the kitchen, pulled out a few utensils, and proceeded to make up a good game of "Save the Crocodile!"  How, you ask, does one play this game?  Well, one person has to be the crocodile (my hand) and Jack has to be both Kevin, who is trying to hurt the crocodile, and at the same time, God, who is trying to save the crocodile.  

At one point, Kevin got in his van and ran over the crocodile.  This necessitated a savior - "Don't worry, crocodile!  God will save you!  He's gonna save you!"

I like this game.  I get to sit (or lay...) on the couch while Jack kills and revives my hand/crocodile over and over again.  The only downside is that he sometimes gets a bit rough in his multiple attempts at killing my hand... I mean, crocodile.


Happy Father's Day, to the father of my boys.

Here are the recorded words of your three sons:

Ben: I love dad because he loves me and he rough-houses me.  He's just so cool.  He lets me go to work with him sometimes, which is really cool.  I love the Ferrari game and racing with him outside.  That's what I really I like about him.  I love it when he tells me stories at night and sometimes we make up silly stories!

Mitchell: I love that my dad is a business man and he works.  That's what I like about him.  He gives me special treats.  He sprays whip cream in my mouth!  I love it when he tickles me and plays with me.  He's pretty good at rough-housing.  He's not very good at brushing my teeth though.  He lets me play in his car.  I like it when we sit out there and have dude time.

Jack: He picks me up! He reads stories with me! And last morning one time I wiped my boogies on him! *cue the crazy laughter*


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