Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Message

I am a light sleeper. I can't tune anything out, even in my sleep. So when my kids are out of bed while I'm in mine, they rarely surprise me. I hear their shuffling feet long before I see their sleepy (or not-so-sleepy) faces.

This morning, before the sun came up, I heard jack shuffling toward my room. So when he peaked in, I was ready. What do I mean by "ready?" I had pulled my covers over my head and pretended to be asleep still.

Jack was undeterred. He pulled the covers down and said in my face, "Mom... Wake up sleepyhead... I need to give you a message. I really need to give a message..."

Turns out his message was simply that he wanted to get out of bed and watch cartoons much too early. I was kinda hoping for a more original message. I've actually heard that one before. Quite a few times actually.


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