Friday, March 9, 2012

Pure Awesomeness

Matt tells me that I do too much for our boys; things such as helping them dress, tying their shoes, pouring their cereal, brushing their teethe. I do realize the older two can do most of things without me, but I am usually trying to get out the door in some sort of time limit and I want their teethe actually clean so...

But I do try to let them do more things for themselves. I try to plan a few extra minutes into getting ready to allow for me to have more patience in this area.

It isn't just about being more patient with them learning though, it is having the ability to laugh at the results sometimes. I let Ben pick out and put on his own clothes this morning, and when he came downstairs, he looked great! I was so proud of him and he did it so quickly! It wasn't until after school, when he took his shoes off, that I noticed his pure awesomeness:

Like I said, pure awesomeness...

I'm Stuck!

Not one to patiently wait until my hands are free to help him with anything, Jack often finds himself frustrated in his attempts to take care of himself. Just this morning, the simple act of taking off his jacket was comical enough to me that, rather than help him once my hands were free, I picked up my camera:

Good job, buddy!

Painless Attacks

I know my blogs have all been about Jack lately, but he is just at that often trying, but so hilarious stage right now! Here's another dose of Jack:

Jack loves weapons: guns, swords, axes (yes, we have a toy axe... from a pirate costume I think??), sticks... he's always shooting and whacking things, including his mom. For about half a second, I considered not giving my kids toy weapons (I had to at least pretend I thought they were inappropriate) but in the absence of real toys, they all fashion their own out of sticks, tinker toys, legos, shoes, blankets... you name it - it can and will be made into some sort of weapon.

So it is no surprise that with two older brothers who are quite skilled in battle, that Jack has learned early how to defend himself.

What is different about Jack though is that because he is as young as he is, I don't think he quite gets what a weapon is actually for! He makes the appropriate motions and sound effects, but his words just don't quite match: "Pow! I shoot you mom!" When I feign injury, he quickly says, "Don't worry mom! It not gonna hurt!" He stabs me with a stick or whacks me in the behind and I genuinely am hurt and he assures me, "I not gonna hurt you!" He pretended to throw some sort of exploding weapon at me from the back seat today, and I said, "Ow!" His response: "No, mom! It not hurt you! It not gonna hurt!"

I think he doesn't quite get it. At least he doesn't actually want to hurt me. I have to say, I never hear him say that to his brothers. Perhaps he doesn't mind hurting them occasionally...


I am doing things a bit opposite with Jack than I did with my older boys. Both my older two were sleeping in "big boy beds" before they were potty trained. As I don't need the crib for a new baby and I am not moving at the moment, I am in no hurry to move Jack out of the confines of his crib. So although he is potty trained, he is not able to get himself up in the morning to take care of business.

What does he do about this?

Well, since I was gone all weekend, Jack became quite attached to and used to his dad, so when he wakes up and needs to do his duty, he immediately starts yelling, "Dad!! Dad!! I need you! Come through my door! Open it! I'm ready to get up! Get me out of bed! Dad!! I need to poop! Dad!! Poop!" For those Will Ferrell fans out there, picture him yelling "Mom! Meatloaf!" and you will get the idea.

I love that he calls for dad now. It's too cute. I also love that he no longer wants to poop in his pants. However, I don't always love to rush into his room immediately after he wakes up at 6am. I miss the days when he would wake up, poop in his diaper, not care, and just sing and play and talk leisurely in his bed.

So what does he do now that mom is back on duty and dad isn't rushing in first thing in the morning? Well, he doesn't want to poop in his diaper, so this morning, after calling for dad and telling him he had to poop and no one showed up, he took his diaper off and pooped in his crib!

I heard that all on the monitor as well. "Dad! I need to poop! Dad! I'm pooping! Dad! I'm making a mess mess mess! Help, Dad!"

I really have no one to blame but myself. I am the one who keeps him trapped in his cage and I am the one who ignored his pleas for help. It is only fair that I am the one who had to wash him, his clothes, his sheet, his blankets, his giant stuffed dog, and his bibi.

As I was cleaning Jack up, he looked at me accusingly and said, "Mom, I needed dad! I pooped!" Glad Jack at least is blaming someone else...


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