Friday, November 30, 2012

Am I a Mean Mom?

I saw a commercial today that made me wonder: am I a mean mom?

Here's the commercial:

A smiling mom (we'll call her "nothing better to do") is happily washing her windows.

A little kid (we'll call her "stinker") comes running up to the window and puts her grubby little hands all over the newly cleaned window.

Nothing Better To Do then laughs and bends down and snuggles and kisses Stinker as if she has really made her morning and the picture fades away.

What?! Is it just me, or is that just plain crazy? Please tell me I am not the only one who does not find Stinker adorable. Things turn out a bit differently for my little stinkers when they pull a stunt like that.


  1. I think that's a perfect description of a boy. They're going 100 miles per minute without thinking; it's a recipe for disaster. This is my life every day. I can only imagine yours with 3.... Good Luck, My Friend :)

  2. Not mean at all! I cringe just thinking about it! Of course, I rarely wash out windows for that exact reason...two little boys are conducive to hand prints...everywhere!

  3. not even a mom yet and that sounds ridiculous. What is that a commercial for??

  4. You know how I would feel about this!
    Saw this commercial last night and thought of you. :)
    Did you get our Christmas card? Just realized it probably sent to your old address...



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