Monday, October 25, 2010

Blame It On The Sun... This Time

I suspect many of you with children struggle with this same problem: a good picture of your whole family is difficult to come by!  I have many good pictures of each boy and even pictures of all three boys together, but precious few of all 5 of us together.  

There is always a reason why getting a decent picture of all of us is more of a dream of mine than a reality.  There are many many reasons, actually: I don't want other people handling my camera, it's a bad hair day for me so I don't want to be in the picture, Jack is asleep when I need him to be awake, Mitchell is in a "mood" and won't cooperate, Ben can't keep his tongue inside his mouth where it belongs, turns out someone had a booger sticking out of his nose, Matt is gone... you get the idea.  There are A LOT of reasons why getting a "keeper" is a rare occurrence around here.  Five people are just never on the same page!  

A couple weeks ago, we all went to a pumpkin patch, which, last year, yielded so many great pictures of my kids that I had high hopes for at least one good one of all of us.  Well, it turns out that this time, it was the sun that kept this from happening.  Normally, the sun is a help when it comes to taking pictures, but this time, it was a menace!  Everywhere I plopped the boys down for a picture, that sneaky sun shone right in their eyes!  Even candid shots were wrecked.  I have never wished the sun to go away before, but I was just praying for some cloud cover for just half an hour!  

Well, here are some examples of how our wonderful family shots turned out.  

As you can see, we never did get that "family shot" I was hoping for.  This time, it was the sun, next time, it will be something else.  I really should just give in and get some professional shots taken of us all, if for no other reason than for me to actually have a record of me even existing in my 20's, but they are so expensive and so much hassle to plan, prepare for, then agonize over which shots are best and worth so much of my money.  These pictures really are quite representative of our day anyways - it was way too bright and way too hot for the way we dressed!  I'm pretty sure we were all relieved when I finally gave up, put the camera back in it's bag, and headed home.

I did get a couple decent pictures of the boys though that I feel I should share after the terrible ones I have shown:



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