Friday, October 15, 2010

The Wisdom of a Fish

There are plenty of times throughout my day where I find myself singing a wonderfully written and brilliantly performed little ditty by none other than Dori the fish from Finding Nemo.  It pops into my head any time I am encouraging one of the boys to try again.  I think of it when Ben is frustrated and wants to quit and cry.  It starts playing in my head when my eyelids feel too heavy to keep open any longer and it's only 10am.  When Jack is attempting (yet again) to walk from the table to me but falling on his squishy little bottom, I sing this to him (and am always rewarded with a giant smile.)  It was our theme song for Mitchell successfully learning to ride his bike sans training wheels this summer.

It gets a lot of use, let's just put it that way.  It really does just pop into my head at least once a day.  I can't help it and then it is stuck there.  I really empathize with Marlin on that thought.  But you won't understand what I am saying until you watch the clip and hear the song.  Here you go:

Yes, I sing that song to myself and my kids, trying hard to sound like Ellen DeGeneres, and even attempting the wild notes toward the end.  The boys get a kick out of it at least.  It would be nice to be a bit more like Dori sometimes (minus the short term memory loss bit) and really have the attitude of "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.  What do we do?  We swim, swim, swim!"


  1. I do love a good diddy such as this one! Espeically when they do have the crazy notes in them that I can attempt in front of ppl when I normally wouldn't!

  2. but that's the best part! the boys won't let me quit the song until I have at least attempted it



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