Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feats of Strength

A friend of mine recently asked me how we exhaust our boys' energy now that it is too cold to run around outside.  We invent Feats of Strength for them, of course!  It could be indoor Olympics, the exercise game, rearranging couch cushions, or sometimes, it could involve lifting a giant, 50lb beanbag chair up onto a bed!

Is this a normal activity for a dad to encourage his kids to do, or is my husband a bit... well, either unique or just plain out of ideas?


  1. cute. and I love the new arrngement in the room! gives them SOO much more room to play.. and (maybe) cuts down on the shinanigans on night...?

    and matt's socks look rediculous! :) black socks and cut-off sweats? cool.....



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