Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Can't Use That!

My boys always wait until the last possible second to use the toilet. It sneaks up on them EVERY time! It is a common, daily occurrence in my house to see/hear boys running to the bathroom, fast as the wind, yelling, "I have to go potty! I'm not gonna make it!"

Why do they wait so long? They claim not to know until the last second but my guess is that, just like their mom, they are too busy to waste time with it until they no longer have a choice.

Just what they needed was one more reason to not want to use the toilet - Gramma's toilet is pink! The first time we sent Mitchell down the hall to use the facilities, he came back a few seconds later truly puzzled, exclaiming, "I can't use that! It's a girl potty!"


  1. hahaha. You are killing me here :) Tell Mitch that I got a toilet exactly like this for my new bathroom but this time in white.

  2. Deb, how many times did you run to the toilet but sit in front of it not able to proceed any further, bouncing up and down??

  3. well, i'm sure he'll have no problem using the new one! but he will miss the red light...



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