Monday, April 25, 2011

I Just Need A Red Shirt!

Mitchell's new thing is being opinionated about what shirt he is wearing. Up until now, I have been able to get away with dressing my boys in whatever I choose, with no resistance whatsoever from any of my kids. They just haven't cared as long as it fits and is comfortable.

Lately though, Mitchell has begun to not only notice what I am putting on him, but having an opinion about it too! How dare he! I try to let him help me pick out a shirt in the morning, but he is usually such a slug getting up and ready, that I just don' t have time for such nonsense on a typical morning.

So he has to wear what I pick out for him - at least, for the first part of the day, that is. All I have to do is leave him alone up in his room for a little bit and he will be up to some sort of clothing-involved mischief: t shirts pulled out of his drawer in search for the "right one," clothes taken off, new shirt on backwards, searching through dirty laundry for the "right one..." that sort of thing.

Today, he came down the stairs in just his underwear complaining, "Mom, I just need a red shirt and I can't find one! Where are all my red shirts!"



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