Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jail Break

Now that I have had a day or two to recover, I can see a bit of humor in a recent unfunny situation: Jack escaped and made a run for it.

Apparently, he does not get enough time to play at the park. Perhaps he wanted to make some more friends. Maybe he just wanted to scare us out of our pants. Whatever the case, Jack made the trip from backyard, across the street, and into the park all on his own little 1-year-old know how - I said he crossed the street!!!

I promise I was watching him (except for those two minutes I had to use the facilities) but he is smarter and more aware than I give him credit for! He discovered an unlocked gate, opened it, and knew exactly where he was and how to get to where he wanted to go.

Little stinker. I really was in a panic, dashing all over the yard, garage, house, and finally, with a feeling of pure dread, out front in the "danger zone," which is anywhere outside my front door for little Jack, until I saw him happily playing across the street at the park.

Rest assured, my doors and gates are all locked securely now and double checked constantly just in case he discovers (which I'm sure he soon will) how to actually unlock them. No mother-of-the-year awards for me this year!

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