Thursday, October 20, 2011


It isn't too out of the ordinary for me to smell poop. In fact, I smell poop more than once a day! Usually, it means my youngest has done his duty and it is time for me to do mine.

So yesterday, when I was sitting in the car and smelled poop, I naturally blamed Jack.

Jack? Are you poopy?


Jack... I smell poop. Do you have poops in your diaper?

No poopies! Fresh and clean!

Oh well... Like it matters if he admits it or not. Nothing I can do about it in the car and a little stench never hurt anyone.

The mystery deepened though when I got home and changed his diaper. He was telling the truth! He was fresh and clean! Now why do I still smell poop?

I smelled it all day long, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

Later, I noticed a spot of dirt on my jeans. As I looked more closely, I solved the mystery. I somehow got poop on my jeans and didn't know it. That was the smell! It was me! I still blame Jack. At least, I hope it was his poop and not someone else's...

I love being a mom... I love being a mom... I love being a mom...

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