Sunday, October 2, 2011


Jack had two obsessions lately: talking without ceasing and BMW's. It's really great (that last word is said with heavy sarcasm) when he combines these two obsessions.

It is amazing how talented he is at spotting a BMW, but even when he doesn't actually see one, he talks about finding one. He will sometimes spend an entire car trip babbling on and on about "W's," as he calls them. His one sided conversations often sounds something like this:

"Mommy! Daddy's dubba-you! Fast dubba-you! Find one! Dubba-you outside! Window down! See dubba-you! Go fast! Vroom vroom!"

Sounds cute huh? Well, for a few minutes it is cute, as long as he keeps the volume down, that is. But after a few minutes, and I have not given the appropriate response to all his comments, (still trying to figure out what, exactly, he expects me to say through all this) he begins to up the volume until he is shouting about "dubba-you's."

The only thing that will distract him from BMW's is a Porsche, although then we just have the same conversation, just substitute "Peesha" for "dubba-you..."

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