Monday, November 7, 2011

Multiple Personalities

We have so much fun with Jack's ever-increasing verbal abilities. Not only is it fun to hear the words he comes up with on his own, but he will repeat just about anything you ask him to. It is one of the big boys' favorite games: to see what they can make Jack say and what funny twist he will give to it.

With his verbal abilities comes more evidence of his unique personality showing also. He is developing quite the little imagination! One day, a few weeks ago, when I called to him by his name, he looked at me and said:

Not Jack. Name's Mooksy!

You want me to call you Mooksy?

Yes! Mooksy!

*lots of laughing and giggling and repeating "Mooksy" over and over again*

He now calls himself Mooksy and even talks about himself in the third person, such as:

Here comes Mooksy!

Mooksy is super fast!

Come get Mooksy! Chase Mooksy!

It is cute and we are all more than happy to call him Mooksy. As Ben pointed out, no one else has a nick name in our family, and Mooksy is fun to say!

But his personality is split even further than this, I'm afraid. The boy is also a tad obsessed with Harry Potter, so he also will answer to "Harry Potter" sometimes, if the mood is right. Yes, that's right. Occasionally, if asked what his name is, he will tell you he is "Harry Potter" and he has a "flying car."

I'm not done. Just yesterday, because Matt was away, I broke out my new Micheal Bublé Christmas music to listen to with the boys. No stranger to his voice, Mitchell asked, "Hey! Is this Micheal Bublé singing Christmas music? Hah!"

Jack tried out saying "Bublé'" just once and was hooked. For the rest of the evening, he was referring to himself in the third person again, this time insisting we think of him as Bublé! What kind of character is this guy becoming where he is a wizard one minute, a singer with a funny name the next, and a completely made-up weirdo the next?

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