Saturday, November 12, 2011


I spend all week long looking forward to Saturday. I'm not sure why I so look forward to Saturdays though, because it is almost always my worst day of the week. I'm not sure what it is about a Saturday that turns me into a grump; perhaps it is the craziness with no schedule. Perhaps it is how messy the house gets. Maybe I have too high expectations of everyone else in my family for what a "perfect" Saturday should look like.

I should love them. No rush to get ready for school. No making lunches at 7 am. No rushing getting the right kid to the right school on time. Staying in jammies and drinking lots of cups of coffee with my husband. A long long run. This all sounds great, right?

And, knowing me as my husband does, he tries to keep things moving. He gets all the boys washing the cars or doing feats of strength in the backyard. He takes them to the track with him. We watch movies.

I still start falling apart by the end of the day. I need to figure out a way to better enjoy Saturdays. Anyone else get a bit crazy on the weekend? How do you keep busy yet still relax on a day with no schedule?


  1. yes! let's add some distracting noise into the background that no one is actually watching! oh wait... that would make it worse!

  2. Duck games seem to work for we as well-DY



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