Monday, July 4, 2011

Parades, Classic Cars, Candy, and... Vampires?

We took the boys to see the 4th of July Day parade today in our new town. They LOVED it! Ben was very excited about the classic cars, Mitchell was a pro at scrambling for the candy and snatching more than his fair share before other slower kids could get there, and Jack loved eating the candy. I have never had such an easy time out with Jack since he was an infant! He sat in his stroller sucking on lollipops the whole time! Maybe I'm on to something with candy here....

They loved the car show and parade so much that they have been playing "parade" at home ever since. They sit in daddy's classic '66 Porsche, windows down, waving and throwing candy at us, with Jack shrieking at us and attempting to open and close, open and close the doors.

Long after Matt and I tired of scrambling for pretend candy, the boys' game had evolved into something... well, a bit stranger. A little while later, Ben shouted across the yard, "Hey mom! I'm driving in the parade with my good friend, Vampire here! Say 'Hi,' Vampire!" Mitchell then added a, "Hey guys! I'm a vampire!"

I'm not sure what vampires have to do with classic cars and parades, but I'm sure it made sense in the evolution of their game. Mitchell usually has to add his own twist to whatever game Ben has made up.

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