Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strong Cop the Spy

Ben and Mitchell have always loved playing "cops," and when they are in cop mode, they require me to call them "Strong Cop." Strong Cop usually puts bad guys in jail (the closet) and swaggers around looking tough and punching bad guys (furniture.)

Well, after watching Cars 2, which apparently has a spy car or two in it, Strong Cop has evolved. He is now a spy and Mitchell especially is acquiring all sorts of tools and gear to add to his costume. His ear warmers, flashlight, weight-lifting gloves, sunglasses, and various other assorted finds are complimented by a fierce scowl and a sting-inducing punch! Something about donning those gloves that makes him punch straight and hard and it hurts!

Watch out for my spies! They are out for justice!

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