Sunday, July 31, 2011

That Other Place

Last night, as the boys were getting ready for bed, the boys were talking about our lazy tooth fairy. I hate to tell you, but she skipped over our house two nights ago. Ben was certain it was because he slept in Mitchell's bed that night and it confused her. I'm glad he came to that conclusion. Let's hope she actually found him last night and did her job!

Talking about the tooth fairy got them on the topic of things they believe in which they have never actually seen, which led from the tooth fairy right to Santa. Ben said, "You know, not everyone thinks the Tooth Fairy is real. Some people think Santa isn't real too." We asked him who thinks this, and while he didn't have an answer, he was pretty sure the validity of these characters is often in question. We asked if he thought they were real and he said "Yeah, I think they are real, I'm just saying some people don't."

From Santa, we moved to Jesus, another person Ben believes in but is quite frustrated that he can't see him. Although there are not a lot of similarities between Santa and Jesus, we seem to always talk about them in the same conversation! Must be more similar to a kid than I tend to think...

Mitchell was listening to all this and jumped in here with some of his hard-thought-out opinions. "Yeah, mom, some people don't believe in Jesus and those people have to go the bad heaven!"

I just wonder what his imagination pictures for him when he sees the two options after death: good heaven and bad heaven. Is the good one the one where you don't have to eat your vegetables and you get to stay up late, while the bad one is the one were every dinner is the dreaded mashed potatoes and you have to go to bed while it is still light out?

"Bad heaven" made Matt and me smile. We haven't talked a lot about the alternative to heaven with the boys, but he pieced that one together on his own.

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