Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Flasher

On the way home from church today, Ben was attempting to talk about Jack's class with him. After telling him all about what he learned and what he did, he began to question his little brother.

Jack, what did you do at church today?

I drink juice! I eat snack! Graham crackers!

Did you play with toys?

I play with toys! Tractor!

What else did you do?

I eat snack! I NEED snack! I want snack, mommy! I NEED it!

*here is where I had to get involved and distract him long enough for them to get past his constant "need" for food and back to the subject at hand*

So what else did you do, Jack?

I show my penis!


This is when we all burst out laughing, especially the older boys. I seriously doubt he pulled his pants down and showed his privates, although I wouldn't put it past him. Certainly the teacher would have said something. I do wonder what his train of thought was though that led him to say this. Whatever it was, it was funny.


  1. Oh my - he and Wells will be quite the pair! Have you seen my latest blog post? :)

  2. lol...i cant imagine what i would say in that situation!!

  3. i think you just have to laugh. and, perhaps, try to clarify if he is actually showing it off to his sunday school class...



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