Friday, February 10, 2012

I Tried To Warn You!

Did I ever mention that I finally rigged up a seat-belt situation to help train my older boys to sit properly in their chairs? After countless times reminding them to sit up, sit still, stop one-cheeking it, get off your knees, no you may not lay on your chair, no you may not sit backwards, stop rocking, stop tipping, JUST SIT ON YOUR BOTTOM AND SIT UP RIGHT!!! - I finally bought some handy bungee cords that do just the trick for wiggly bottoms. I strap them down to their chairs when they just seem to have springs instead of butt cheeks.

Well, even though he is far too big for it now, I have kept Jack in his high chair as long as possible just to keep him contained. But he knows he's too big and his poor thighs are just getting squished in there, so he has been asking for and sitting in regular chairs more and more often, which just means one more springy bottom to deal with.

This sort of shenanigans is bad enough at the breakfast table, but at the counter, it goes beyond teaching good table manners and ventures into dangerous waters. My chairs at the counter are very sturdy, very high, and very heavy. Knock one of those bad boys over while sitting in it and you could really hurt yourself.

I am CONSTANTLY warning Jack not to climb onto and off of them by himself. Surely he was listening to all the terrible things I patiently warned him could happen to him or my poor chairs, right?

Wrong. Tonight, as I was cleaning up dinner, Jack decided he was finished and immediately began the decent. Right as I was dropping what I was doing to halt his progress, the chair went over. How he managed to remain upright through this is beyond me, but he somehow landed on his feet - and so did the chair. We all thought he was crying because he was mostly scared until we noticed the blood seeping from his big toe. His entire toenail was hanging by a tiny bit of skin off the tip of his toe.

Man, that must have hurt. Somehow, saying "I told you so" to a sobbing and clearly in pain 2-year old isn't very satisfying so I just tried to clean it all up the best I could and comfort him in the process. Dare I hope he learned his lesson with the chairs now? Only time will tell...

To end on a more endearing note: I did get a good two hour snuggle from him after this incident, which anyone who knows Jack, knows that is unheard of. He's not a snuggler. As we lay cozy under a blanket watching a movie with the big boys, he kept checking on his bandaid covered toe, just to see it and then would give a deep sigh and say, "Remember my toe, mom?" or"Remember when I cried so long?" or "Remember when I knocked chair over?" It was pretty cute.


  1. Reminds me of a toenail jen lost in a similar situation

  2. Reminds me of a toenail jen lost in a similar situation

  3. Reminds me of a toenail jen lost in a similar situation



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