Friday, November 19, 2010

Mitchell's Backpack

Mitchell loves his school backpack.  I don't think he cares too much about what it looks like or that he can wear it on his back, but he LOVES having something to put his treasures in and bring them with him wherever he goes.  

Sometimes, he has specific things he is supposed to bring home from school like an announcement from the teacher or a picture he drew.  Sometimes he needs to bring something to school, like two objects that begin with the letter "F," for example. Most days, though, he doesn't really even need a bag, and any other boy might just either leave it home on those days, or at least carry it empty.  Not my boy.  Some days, when he gets home from school and I ask him if he has anything in his bag to show me (expecting a picture or an announcement), his face brightens and he says "Yes!  I have all kinds of stuff in here!"  He then sits down at the table and theatrically pulls one thing after another out, in a seeming never-ending stream of objects!  We are talking Mary Poppins style here!  

He hasn't pulled a lamp out yet like Mary Poppins, but sometimes the stuff coming out of it is quite funny and surprising: toys of all kinds (of course), assorted kitchen utensils, my checkbook, books, empty water bottle, flashlight, vacuum attachments, mittens, scissors, jack's hat, a fossil... you name it!  If it will fit in there, he will sneak it in!


  1. I think your mitchell posts are my favorites. I read them to my Matt and we always laugh like "oh, mitchell..." (it's only weird when I realize that I've never actually met you or your kids.) I love your new picture!

  2. your checkbook is hilarious, but what is this thing mitch has for kitchen utensils?

  3. he loves them. especially that hand mixer i have. and the knife sharpener. and the pizza cutters and the cherry pitter. they are all interesting looking and have parts that move and can be just about any tool or machine he is in the mood for

  4. kelly - that is funny that you feel like you have come to expect certain things from mitchell when you haven't even met him! :) guess i just do a good job describing him

  5. you do a great job describing all your boys.. I can totally picture mitchell's backpack full of treasures... G is the same way only with her little purses. I am sure with a bag 10x the size of a purse, the more exciting the treasures!

    so cute. sure wish you guys would come visit us.. :( G talks about you guys all the time.



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