Monday, November 15, 2010

One More Thing!

Ever since school started, I have had NO trouble with the boys staying up late in their room, goofing off, constantly getting drinks out of the sink, draining some more "last drops," "reading" every book on the shelf, bickering, giggling, shouting, whispering, and, by the sound of it, square dancing or something equally loud and thumpy!  These were all regular nightly occurrences after 8:30 pm in the Norquist boys' room after lights out, but those days are gone.  Since there is no longer any chance of a nap for them, plus they are in school every day, plus we drain every drop of daylight left to us playing outside until it just gets too cold to do so, they are just too exhausted to even attempt their usual shenanigans.  

Occasionally on a weekend though, Mitchell will have fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie in the afternoon or in the car on the way to dinner, and that little 20 min "power nap" is all it takes to bring out the nighttime shenanigans again.  

Last night, Ben fell asleep almost immediately, leaving Mitchell awake and alone and bored.  This is when he begins his tiptoeing (or often slithering on his belly) out of his room and down the hall to peak around the corner and down the stairs to check out the action down here.  First he will say something like, "my covers are all messed up and I'm uncomfortable!"  I fix those for him (cause who really wants to sleep under messed up covers?!) but then a few minutes later, he will come out again with a new problem: "You forgot to leave the bathroom light on!"  "Ben won't talk to me!" "I heard a noise!" "I need the light on to read!" "I want to wear my slippers!" "I lost my blankie!"

Last night was a funny one though.  After 3 or 4 of the usual complaints, he finally just slithered out, laid down at the top of the stairs, and asked, "What are you guys watching down there?"  I answered that it was a show for moms and dads and not for little boys and that he needed to get back to bed and not come out again.  He gave me a look, got up, pointed at me, and mumbled, "I think it is a show for kids but you don't want me down there!"  After that, he stomped back to his room and we didn't hear from him again.  

Once again, Mitchell gave Matt and me a good chuckle and we spent a few minutes talking about how purposely and accidentally funny our little boys is.  

I checked on him a bit later to make sure he didn't have the dreaded "crooked covers" all night long, and he was as peaceful as can be, curled up under perfectly straight covers, arm around his blankie, head actually on the pillow, small pile of toys and books neatly piled up at the foot of his bed, no longer needed as distractions.  


  1. he cracks me up even when I'm not there!! :)

  2. put a bucket of live crabs in his room scrunching around trying to nab any straying miscreants. That should do the trick (sure worked for you girls). But then knowing Mitch he would have them out and be terrorizing Ben with them in the bed *lol*

  3. When I was a young boy Rick and I used to be allowed to watch a western or two on Sat night in the folks bedroom on the only TV in the house (b&w). We would snuggle down under the folks bed and often manage to watch for hours after dad fell asleep. But wouldn't you know that sooner or later we would get to tussling, wake dad up and he would say - you boys still in here? get to bed, or else!!

  4. So cute!!!!! I could not stand uneven, crumpled covers as a kid. I loved it when Dad would tuck me in SUPER tight but no doubt I would have some reason to get out of bed (like mitchell) and dad would always give me a look because he JUST tucked me in tight and I would ask him to do it again :)

  5. i feel i should set the record straight here: my dad did NOT put live crabs in my room at night!

    i do remember the crab game though :)

  6. hey, is mkappe gramma or meredith?

    either way, it is a great memory :) i have many many special memories of my own dad pertaining to bedtime.

    oh this is too funny! as i respond to comments on here, mitchell has tiptoed out to his "spot" yet again to tell me "mom... *sigh* i'm just not all that tired yet!"

  7. I remember you telling me that story about you and Uncle Rick many a time during my own childhood bedtime (when mom was giving us all the evil eye for you still keeping us awake!)

  8. my mom knew we needed time with dad as much as possible, so often while mom got the dinner mess cleaned up, dad would 'put us to bed' with the baths, jammies and then the STORY! Dad would 'read' the story, which we knew by heart, and he would purposely mess it all up and we would get the giggles, and next thing ya knew the pillows were flying, and the beds were completely torn apart. that would end abruptly when mom appeared in the doorway with a fairly scary look on her face. what fun



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