Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Language Am I Speaking?

Matt and I are both thrilled to be discovering that our biggest two boys can definitely sing - on tune, that is!  They have a talent for quickly learning a tune and also learn the lyrics to just about any song almost immediately, it seems.  It is so fun to hear them not only singing along to songs they love, but also singing them on tune without any backup music!

Well, this morning, after singing one of their favorite songs about a hundred times in a row, they began to get bored with the same old lyrics and decided to write their own.  Let me describe it a bit better than that:  they each came up with their own lyrics and both sang these lyrics at the same time, each getting louder and louder, competing with each other, trying to out-do the other.  It got a bit... well, loud, to say the least.  

We adults tried to not to let this drive us crazy, reminding ourselves that we were happy they love to sing and focused on the humor of their made-up lyrics, rather than go insane by the competitive loudness of the situation.  Remember, they were both singing the exact same tune, and Ben's lyrics were real words with a bit of a story to go with it.  They at least made a bit of sense.  Mitchell's were a bit more nonsensical.  He was just speaking his own language and coming up with some pretty silly-sounding lyrics.  

When things began to wind down, as they inevitably do, even without parental intervention, Mitchell stopped his song and turned to me and said, "Mom?  Am I speaking Spanish?"


  1. hahahahhaaa!! Mitchel cracks me up!!!

  2. I KNEW gramma K would get a kick out of this one!!

  3. Grandma Kathy says: I'm glad the boys are singers, like you and Matt. They will enjoy Norris family gatherings. We remember our first introdution to your family, Deb, before you and Matt were married, at Thanksgving, where everyone took turns leading the family in a favorite hymn. Pretty fun trandition, except I can't sing, and I dont' know very many hymns. Next time maybe Mitchel and I will sing together using our own words and tune.

  4. that would be something i'd like to see/hear, kathy!

    although, knowing mitchell as i do, he would probably "shush" you if you tried to sing along with him because you are messing him up! I get that one quite a bit! :)



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