Friday, November 26, 2010

What I Am Thankful For

On top of the usual things on my list to be thankful for, this year I added a washing machine, skin glue, and butterfly band aids, and a quick-acting husband.

While the first half of our day yesterday went smoothly and happily, the second half was a bit more... chaotic, thanks mostly to Mitchell.  Have I ever told you that none of my boys like potatoes.  Ben is getting a bit better at eating things that aren't his favorites without too much drama, but Mitchell isn't there yet.  I only gave him a couple tiny bites of mashed potatoes, knowing there would be trouble, but once that first bite hit his tongue and he refused to swallow it, cue the gag reflex and up came all recently swallowed food.  Gross.

So the "fun" began with some vomit (hence my thankfulness for washing machines) and continued on later when he was goofing around and somehow dove face first onto the edge of my coffee table.  I was not in the room to see it, but I heard it!  Now my boys both have their things they whine or cry about, but getting hurt is usually not one of them.  They usually cry very little over wounds and brush them off and forget about them quickly.

Well, the scream coming out of Mitchell this time was worrisome, and when Matt yelled, "Deb, get in here!  I need your help!" I dropped what I was doing and ran.  Suddenly, Matt was shouting all sorts of directions at me - "Get me a wash cloth!  Get Jack out of here! I need some ice!  I need you to hold him!  It's his eye, his EYE!!"  

Apparently, Matt thought it was Mitchell's eyeball that had been wounded and was bleeding, hence the bit of panic there.  Well, he just missed his eye by a fraction, but you wouldn't know it by listening to these two.  

So Mitchell is wounded, scared, and in pain and Matt decides it is necessary to hold him down with an ice cube directly on the cut, further increasing Mitchell's pain and discomfort and now he has bloody water dripping into his eye!  Actually, once we figured out that it was the bloody water in his eye that was bothering him most and rectified that, he calmed down considerably.

We decided against the ER for many reasons, and I hope I will not regret that decision.  Although perhaps a tad panicked at first, Matt really did a great job taking care of things quickly and efficiently, and I'm pretty sure an ER trip was unnecessary. After a quick trip to the pharmacy, we cleaned his cut, glued his skin back together (not with super glue, but glue made for this, of course), put on a butterfly band aid, and gave up on any other plans for the evening and all camped out on my bed to watch a movie.  

After some Tylenol and a quick nap, he was feeling much better and back to himself.  He got bored with the movie and when I went to find him, he was busy emptying out my bathroom cabinets, looking for "tools" and piling up toothbrushes, fingernail clippers, band aides, dental floss, etc.  Like I said, back to the usual Mitchell.


  1. Poor little guy... So thankful that's he seems to be doing okay. XoXo

  2. You should also be thankful for furniture style changes. For some unknown reason, in the 50s/60s there was an apparent unwritten requirement that all coffee tables have SHARP right angled corners! As boys will do, in our tussling, Rick and I both have our share of head scars from those wicked tables! Head wounds are very painful and bleed profusely. When we got our summer buzz haircuts you could see all the scars - but no problem, all our friends had the same scars! I'll bet if you buzzed off my hair today you would still see mine.

  3. Too late someone told me that head wounds bleed A LOT! Knowledge is power.

  4. oh man. what a thanksgiving... and I can invision it all going down as you described it.. you failed to mention Ben looking somewhat ashen and horror stuck in the corner at the panic and mess going on before his little eyes...

    oh mitchell... you will be full of scars and bumpms and bruises... but isn't that also what little boys are made out of...?

    we survived TG with only a bump on the head. Daniel and G came around a corner at the exact same time and Daniel totally flattened her. you would have thought she also split her head open, but thankfully she was scarred at prob slightly bruised.

    happy TG to all!!! :)

  5. Aaron hated all potatoes (except french fries) until recently...he will now eat a little bit of mashed potatoes but not a baked potato or broccoli potato cheese soup

  6. haha nen! i did forget to mention much of ben's reaction in the whole story! he was actually panicking because his blankie was near the scene of the accident and he was worried it would get blood on it!

  7. meredith: yeah, my boys are the same. they aren't even wild about french fries (although they will eat them). like i said, ben is beginning to eat them but mitchell gags just looking at them.

  8. Poor Mitchell,god love the little pet - Adam did something very like that when he was 2 - we went to ER with him and they just glued his cut. So i'm pretty sure you did a great job yourselves.
    I can just see Ben now, Amy is exactly the same only her fear is the vomit :( xoxox



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