Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Careful Where You Fall Asleep!

I get so tired sometimes. I know I have blogged about this before - how I sometimes am so tired I feel I could lay down and sleep just about anywhere at any time of the day? Any other moms feel this way, or should I go see a doctor...

Well, today was another one of those days where I just wanted to lay down in every room I was in. Playing in the basement with the boys: I set up a nice bed of couch cushions and made that home base for the Autobots. Living room: couches of course. I was trying to read stories to the boys but Ben had to take over for me after a while. Boys' bedroom: in the nice, warm, clean pile of laundry of course! It was just so inviting that I had to snuggle up in it. Soon enough, my eyes didn't want to stay open anymore and I was drifting off to semi-consciousness (I can't actually sleep with three boys playing around and on me.)

Well, I knew Mitchell and Jack were messing around with the laundry around me and I could certainly feel them climbing on me and playing with my legs. I sensed no problem though, so I continued to drift. Finally, Mitchell came up to my face and softly said, "Mom! Are you cozy enough now? I bet you are nice and comfy and warm!"

Come to think of it, I was feeling a bit toasty. The room wasn't that warm when I laid down. Curiosity overcame my sleepiness and I sat up, only to find the boys' shirts, pants, underwear, and jammies all on my legs. Not just laying on my legs. They had put my feet through one of the holes in each piece of clothing, a leg hole or a neck hole, and filled my legs up with as many pieces as they could get on there! I just looked at my legs, then looked at the happy expressions on my boys' faces, and started laughing.

I really never know what will happen if I start to sleep around these boys.

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