Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome To The Gift Shop

Yesterday, we took an adventure on a boat out to see Lady Liberty. She's big. She's green.

The kids were all fabulous the entire time. They loved the ferry ride, gobbled the pb&jsandwiches on the ground at Ellis Island, were helpful with Jack when need be, and stuck with us without lagging behind or complaining about anything from beginning to end! That's the way sightseeing with little kids is done!

Although there were many highlights for the boys, including standing at the back of the boat and leaning over the edge to see what they could see, I believe their favorite part was the gift shops! I was hesitant to even bring them into the first shop, knowing that even on their best behavior, something was likely to be knocked over and broken and I'd end up buying a broken Statue of Liberty snow globe or something.

When I let them peek in though and they saw the entire room full of treasures, they just had to go in and promised to be careful. Wow. They were in heaven! I think I have told you before how my boys love treasures. Well, this was a big room stuffed full of treasures! They had some of Mitchell's favorites: pocket watches, compasses, lockets, and key chains. They had some of Ben's favorites: masks, toys, light-up pens, and funny Statue of Liberty hats. They even had a candy section they stopped and stared at for a while. I am pretty sure they would have stayed in that gift shop all day if I let them and the patient cashiers didn't eventually run out of patience for my enthusiastic little treasure hunters.

After picking out plenty of items to put on their Christmas list (hopefully Mitchell forgets he needs a special coin with Lady Liberty on it and Ben no longer sees the importance of an elaborate masquerade mask), it was time to get back on the boat to head to the next island. What did the boys want to do there? See the big green lady or climb up to the top? Ice cream treats maybe? Nope. They wanted to head straight to the gift shop!

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