Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boredom FIghters

We had a boring day at home today.

Sicknesses have taken on a whole new meaning since having kids. I don't just feel badly for a day or two, tough it out, and get back to life. Now, one boy gets sick. Just as he is feeling better, he passes it on to another brother. This repeats until every one of us have gotten sick seperately! No two of us ever seem to go through it together, drawing out total sick days until I stop counting them.

This kinda takes us out of commission for a large chunk of days! I can't even go to the gym as I can't really exercise while sick, nor can I bring even one sick boy in there for fear of infecting everyone else!

Yuk. I hate it when we all get sick...

So back to our boring day. We are just running out of things to do and driving each other crazy. I sent the big boys down to the basement alone for a while though and they were happy enough to escape Mom the Grouch. When I went down to check on them, they had dug out their light sabers (or, life savers as Mitchell calls them) and were busy attacking each other and the couches.

An idea hit me then: why not replace the batteries in these old things and return them to their functioning, though obnoxious, state? So we hunted up all the "dead" toys and had a little toy clinic where we fixed 'em up! The result was something amazing to watch!

And here are my two boredom fighting super heros:

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