Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which Would You Rather?

Mitchell has started a new game, one that has caught on with Ben and now a day does not go by where I don't find them playing it. It is a silly game they play while they are supposed to be eating dinner and one they play while running endless errands with me in the car. It is called, "Would you rather?" and it goes something like this:

Hey Ben! Would you rather have no skin or eat poop?

Hey Mitchell! Would you rather live on the roof or in the Cheez-it box?

Would you rather ride in a cool car or fly yourself?

Would you rather be an orange or a stinky sock?

Would you rather eat stinky cheese or cucumbers?

Would you rather be eaten by a sharp tooth or smell a stinky flower?

Would you rather get a rock thrown at your head or be dropped by a dragon?

Would you rather get thrown off a dragon or sit down and relax?

(I promise these are the boys' very words. I just sat down with them and typed as they talked.)

The options get wilder and wilder and often depend on what their surroundings are. If we are in the car, the options are usually car-related. In the kitchen, we begin with food and just get sillier and sillier.

The funny thing is, I actually remember playing this game when I was a kid too! I didn't introduce them to this game though; it came from the mind of Mitchell, as many of our silliest practices do.

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