Saturday, June 4, 2011

Get All Wetty!

My boys have a favorite game they play anytime we have a warm rain: "Get all wetty!" You have to say it with a sing-songy voice and shout, "Get all wetty, get all wetty, get all wetty!" while dancing around half naked in the downpour.

It was a beautiful day this afternoon, but we couldn't get outside to enjoy it until Jack woke up from his nap. Well, about 10 minutes before Jack woke up, it suddenly began to pour! We had thunder and lightening and some serious rain. Of course. Right when we were planning on heading outside, this happens.

No matter. My boys love the rain in springtime. They love any chance to strip down, get out the umbrellas and dance around while getting soaked. They even involved a hose because the rain wasn't quite enough.

1 comment:

  1. Story of my life here. We don't "get all wetty" tho... since it's rarely warm. I'll file that away for summer showers this year... if summer ever comes. ;)



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