Monday, June 27, 2011

No Girls Allowed!

Now when Ben makes a sign that says, "No Girls Allowed," and I am the only girl he knows right now, who is he trying to keep out, I ask?

Ben made a "Boy's Club" yesterday, complete with a sign hanging on it. After hanging it, he had to run back to the house to make one more sign. When I went out to check out what they were up to, I was forced to stop a few feet away. The sign said "No Girls Allowed" and I was getting a little too close. Can't I read??

After some frustrated shouting across the lawn at each other, Ben from his club, me from my patio (where girls like it better anyways,) he decided he had better make a few amendments to his "no girls" rule.

The new rule is "No Girls Allowed... Unless..."
1. you are coming to push us on the swings
2. you are serving us food
3. I need to show you something
4. Jack is here and bugging us

Well, what good is this rule anyways? "No Girls Allowed" has always made me smile, first because he actually really likes playing with some girls and I have no idea where he comes up with these things, and second, because it is basically a statement from them saying "we'd like to play all by ourselves for a bit, mom. You go somewhere else!" These exceptions to the rule take all the fun out of it for me...

What I need to do is make a sign today saying "No Boys Allowed... Unless..."
1. you are coming to tell me how pretty I look
2. you are bringing me coffee
3. daddy is with you, home early from work to surprise us all
4. you've come to let me know that the dishes are now done, you've fed yourselves a healthy snack, and are now going to find something to amuse yourselves
5. you are coming to get Jack from me
6. you've been in your "Boy's Club" too long and I miss you!


  1. Hahaha - super cute. I actually thought the other day that your blog could have been titled "no girls allowed".

    I guess your boys were reading my mind!



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