Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rip Claw!

Ben has outgrown his bike. Normally, we save gifts like bikes for special occasions like birthdays, but yesterday, his bike actually broke. That is special occasion enough for me!

Ben's new bike is much bigger, much cooler, much more fun, and, most importantly, not broken down! He loves that it is bright orange, but I think his favorite feature is it's name: Rip Claw!

Where people come up with these names, I don't know, but they are clearly in tune with what a 6 year old boy likes. Our driveway is on a slight downhill and Ben keeps roaring down the driveway, yelling "Watch out! Here comes Rip Claw!!"

He doesn't talk about his bike. He talks about Rip Claw, as in "Mom, I'm going out to ride Rip Claw for a while!"

One of the things I love about Ben is that he always shows the appropriate amount of enthusiasm. He is so fun to give gifts to and so appreciative of everything we give him from old cell phones to brand new bikes.

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