Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uh Oh!

Jack is a constant stream of babble, especially in the car. I remember loving this stage when Ben was in it - right before real words replace all of their made up words in the shape of conversation. It is just the cutest part of this age and I love to listen to it.

There is one word I hear from the back seat quite a bit that is never a good sign though: "Uh oh!" (I realize that is not technically a word...)

"Uh oh" can symbolize many things gone wrong from car seat unbuckled to shoe coming off. It can mean his hat is down over his eyes or that he dumped all his goldfish. It might mean his water is gone or that he simply dropped his toy. But today, I am glad there were no cars directly next to us as we were stopped at a light. Today, "uh oh" meant "Oh no, Mom! I just lost my big rock! I chucked it out my open window and don't have it anymore! Let's stop and get it!"

Can you imagine if there had been a car next to us? Uh oh, indeed!

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