Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laying Down The Law

Do you have seasons in yours and your families lives where things get... well, a bit more relaxed and even lazy? My boys are fairly well-disciplined and quite well behaved in most cases. Matt and I both try hard to teach them proper behavior and attitudes, but sometimes, I find our hard work slipping away from us. It happens so slowly that I don't even notice it until I suddenly feel like Ben is questioning my every request and Mitchell is "forgetting" all the rules.

The only thing I can think of to explain this phenominon is that I get lazy. I forget that training and teaching is a daily and constant and ongoing process. I can't teach them something, make sure they have it down, then forget about it. I have tried that (unintentionally, of course) and they will and do forget.

The selfish and tired part of me wants to not take anything too seriously and fall back on the fact that my kids are great and we have no real problems with their behavior. Things run pretty smoothly around here amidst the chaos. It is that attitude though, that creates a snowball effect of bad behavior.

Just yesterday, I finally realized what I have allowed to happen and decided to lay down the law. Poor Mitchell had no idea what was coming to him! I made my decisions as to what was important, spelled out the expectations, even gave fair warning, then took no prisoners when it came to enforcing!

Before you feel too sorry for the boys though, let me tell you what Mitchell said to me at night as I tucked him in: "I sure got in lotsa trouble today! I better stop being such a rascal! I won't play with the plugs and outlets anymore!" Ben, always listening in, chimed in, "Yeah, and I better not crash my scooter into the walls anymore!"

For Mitchell, my little rule breaker, it is about being a better listener and realizing consequences. For Ben, my little rule maker, it is all about attitude. For all of us, it is about consistency and not letting things slide. It's a lot easier on all of us that way.

They get it. The problem isn't with them. It is with lazy and too-comfortable mom. Watch out, boys! Mom is in "sheriff mode!"


  1. Whenever Ruthy and I are out and we see some lil kiddies misbehaving I always think....."oh crap one day that little brat is going to be beating the snot out of my kid"

  2. You are speaking my language! Thanks for putting it into words so well!



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