Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey, Kevin!

My neighbor jokes with me that he feels like his name has been changed to "Hey Kevin." I didn't notice how often the boys say that to him until he pointed it out, but now that he mentioned it to me, I can see that they really do say it a lot.

They say it when they first see him as a way of saying "hello." They also say it any time they want to get his attention. They say it if he is talking to someone else, but need to tell him something. They really just begin most of their sentences to him with "Hey Kevin." Sometimes it is said as a sentence all on its own. Sometimes it is the beginning of a question. Sometimes it is followed by a lengthy sentence or explanation of some sort.

I now listen and watch as they talk to him and every time one of them says it, I see him smile to himself.

By the way, now that I have been made aware of it, I notice they do the same thing to me. I bet I do it too. I bet I say "Hey, Matt" and "Hey, Ben" and "Hey, Mitchell," and yes, even "Hey, Kevin" quite a bit as well. That must be where they got it and why I never noticed it before. Any else ever notice that from us when you're around us?

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