Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Torture Technique

I have found something that all three of my boys have decided is worse than death: soup.

Yes, you heard me correctly: soup. I made the most delicious pot of minestrone soup the other day that, judging from my boys' reaction, tasted like #2. There was so much crying, gagging, moaning, whining, and questions such as "what is this chunk?" and "what is the green thing?" and "why are you making me eat this?" that by the end, I needed a good, stiff drink just to keep myself from "spanking them soundly and sending them to bed!"

Their dislike of the dreaded "soup" is so strong that I think I may use it as a disciplinary tool from here on out:

"Mitchell, if you pester Jack one more time by grabbing his tractor out of his hands, I will make you eat soup!"

"Jack, don't screech or I will feed you soup!"

"Ben, if you use that voice with me, I will make soup for dinner!"

I think I am on to something here.

Meanwhile, Matt and I are eating a lot of soup for lunches and dinners. I made a lot...


  1. My mom used to make tomato soup and Carl and I hated it. She would make us pay her $1 if we didn't finish it because she said we were wasting. So Matt undercut my mom and charged us $.50 to eat it for us!

  2. Deb, how funny!!! that is great! freeze some in little freezer bags for their torture.

    Sarah, what a good business man! It started young!!



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