Thursday, September 15, 2011


Matt has been pestering me for the last few weeks to get something done for him. I have been "forgetting" about it and putting it off, as I don't see it as a high priority at this very very busy time in our family's life.

Apparently, it is a bigger deal than I thought though and he is not going to let it go. This is what I saw as I came downstairs into my entry way this morning:

Are you trying to give me a "subtle" hint, my love?

It was too funny to be annoyed. He has now hung this same jacket in 3 different places, each more obvious and annoying than the last. I wonder where it will end up tomorrow if I put it off another day?


  1. Put it off - I want to see where it goes next! ;) Btw, love your house! Looks like it has all sorts of fun space!



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