Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

Remember how I told you I have a soundtrack for my life? Well, today, it is yet another annoying song. This time by the Black Eyed Peas:

Let's get it started in HAH!
Let's get it started in here!

That's just a snippet of that oh-so-annoying song, but it has been running through my head all day since we stopped by Ben's adorable school (K-3) this morning to drop off some paperwork. I intended to stop in, drop it off, and then take off before any of my three kids could do any damage to any students' artwork or projects or flood the drinking fountain.

Well, the staff had other plans for us. After dropping off the paperwork, the lady in the office took us on a school tour (the second we have had since arriving here; I couldn't say "no" when the boys were just as excited to do it the second time as the first.) She then searched the school for Ben's teacher. After finally locating her, the teacher then insisted on showing Ben his new classroom (which we had just seen with office lady) and chatting with Ben about anything and everything under the sun.

Plenty of stickers later, I finally forced the visit to an end, only to find the boys wanted to stay and play at the school playground! They were pretending they were at school and on recess and having lunch and sitting at desks. Ben made me be Ms. Jinks (his new teacher) and pretend to give stickers for good behavior.

What a refreshing change from last year where I basically had to show up the first day blind - no idea who his teacher was or where to be or what was expected of us. I am so glad we stopped in today. I guess when you pay your teachers and administrative staff as much as those at our school get paid, you go the extra mile.

This visit this morning has only made Ben and Mitchell more ready for school to start. I remember feeling the same way by the end of summer when I was a kid: let's just get school started! Ben especially thrives under the kind of structure and schedule that school provides not only during school, but for the rest of our day, and Mitchell can get excited about just about anything!

Now, more than yesterday even, we all feel that in regards to school beginning next week, "let's get it started in HAH!" (is that really what the BEP say, or is that just what we say? anyone actually know the lyrics?)

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