Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Eat That?

Matt's family made a birthday dinner for me with chocolate cupcakes for dessert last night. It was all quite delicious, but no one thought it more delicious than Mitchell, apparently.

Today, Grandma gave him a leftover cupcake for a snack. When I saw Jack wandering around with the cupcake, leaving a trail of chocolate crumbs in his wake, I had to check with Mitchell to find out why he had given it away.

When I asked him why he gave it to Jack, he said, "Oh, I ate the yummy part and gave Jack the rest! I ate that paper part around it!"

I didn't quite believe him at first, but I searched for some time and could not find the wrapper. He actually ate the paper wrapper and gave away the cake! Oh, he makes me chuckle...

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  1. Grandma Kathy says: Mitchell ate the frosting and top of the cupcake, gave Jack the rest of the cupcake, and then I guess he ate the paper wrapper just like he said, because we couldn't find it anywhere.

    That same day Mitchell told his aunt Jenna, "I'm a little rascal, you know." Yes, I guess he is, but he's a very loveable and fun "rascal."



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