Monday, January 17, 2011

Works Every Time!

Jack, like many babies, is not at his best in the evenings. He is quite high maintenance the hour or two before bed time and the whole family spends quite a bit of energy either trying to ignore the crankiness or distract him from it.

There is one thing that always works though, not just in the evenings to distract him, but all day long because it is his favorite game!

I have a large, heavy quilt in my living room that I must fold and put back on the back of the couch a dozen or more times a day because Jack is obsessed with putting it over his head! He absolutely LOVES the game of peek-a-boo, but no minor covering of eyes or face will do for him. He must completely cover his entire body with this heavy quilt, then frantically try to untangle himself from it, emerging finally with a sweaty head, huge grin, and a loud "BOO!" or, more often, "BOE!" He loves this game so much, that any time he comes around the corner, he shouts, "BOO!" at anyone he sees. He says "BOO!" when I open the door to his room after a sleep. If anyone he knows says "Hi" to him, he responds, "BOO!"

So any time Jack starts to get cranky, we tell him to go get the blanket and he will come stumbling or crawling to us with a giant quilt, ready to be buried. He loves it even more if you will get in with him, which works out well for Mitchell, who loves to do that with him!

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