Friday, January 7, 2011

He Does What He Has To

Mitchell is not one to let something get in his way.  When he encounters an obstacle, one that his older brother would sometimes get stuck at and immediately ask for help, he figures it out, takes care of it, and continues on his way.  He is especially good at solving problems if the solution allows him to get into something or do something questionable.  That kitchen tool has been purposely put out of his reach.  The candy stash has been hidden.  That toy you and Ben fought over is off limits and up way too high for you to possibly get to.

Mitchell always finds a way and often improvises to do so.  I find him using all sorts of things as stools, and he can climb like you wouldn't believe.  A couple days ago, I heard him messing around in the kitchen, and when I checked on him, I discovered him accomplishing his mission of reaching something too far back on the counter by using my juice pitcher as a stool.  This time he was not doing anything naughty, just trying to reach something.  

I do love his ability to think through a problem, find a solution, and then just do it without help.  It really is pretty impressive sometimes! 

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