Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Are They Doing In Their Sleep?

I have recently found a new obsession: finding my big boy, Ben, some big boy pajamas.  I don't want Sponge Bob or Scooby Doo or Spiderman or Batman or skeletons riding skateboards.  I want simple, cotton, plaid or single color pajamas.  I have searched high and low for these jammies for a few months now and, let me tell you, they are hard to find!  

While most of what I can find are covered in super-heroes or... sponges (Sponge Bob is a sponge, right?), most of the rest of what is out there is not made out of cotton, but polyester.  I'm not really sure what polyester is, but I do know that all pajama-makers are quite proud of this material, based on one aspect of it: it is flame-resistant!  In big yellow or red tags is written in bold, capital letters: "Flame resistant."  

I am left wondering what the big deal is here.  Maybe some of you more knowledgeable moms can help me out here, but why exactly is this an important factor when considering the merits of your children's sleepwear?  What do we expect them to do in their sleep that their clothing needs to resist fire?  Am I to assume they move so much in their sleep that they cause enough friction to start a fire, or is this merely a safety precaution in case a fire starts in their room?  If that is the case, should I depend on these amazing jammies to protect their skin from the inferno blazing around them?

I am not impressed.  Polyester may indeed have flame or heat repelling properties, but I don't like the feel or look of it and will continue my search for good old-fashioned cotton minus the weird sponge-ish characters, even if it means I have to run into their room a few seconds faster to save them in the event we actually have a fire at night.


  1. call your mom with size and she will be happy to make for you as she has done previously.

  2. If you have a house fire, 90% of the time it is the smoke that gets you anyway, if you need flame resistant sleep wear you might as well have them wear gas masks to bed as well. --Uncle Carl

  3. Have you tried Hanna Andersson? That's where I get jammies for my kids and LOVE them! They're all made of organic cotton and very cute (imo). Good Luck, Friend!

  4. i knew you were going to recommend those, jess! i actually don't want to spend that kind of money on jammies and also, i don't love the prints for ben. i am looking for "big boy" jammies. like something his dad would wear (only smaller, of course) :)



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