Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love My House, I Love My House, I Love My House...

I found myself chanting this today: "I love my house, I love my house, I love my house..." and it is not the first day I have resorted to this type of purposeful zen-like meditative activity.

Last summer, around July, I discovered that my house was a bit on the warmish side.  As I got warmer and warmer, I continued to mess around with the thermostat, trying to get the air conditioner to work.  Thinking myself just a bit of a dummy, I assumed I was just not understanding the mechanics of the thermostat, so I had my brothers take a look at it to try to get it turned on.  They laughed at me and told me I had no air conditioner!  What?!?!  My top floor has it, but not my bottom floor.  That was the first time I practiced my chanting.

This morning, when I woke up, I found myself chanting it again, only for the exact opposite reason: my house was freezing!  Again, upstairs was just fine, but as I descended the stairs, I could feel the temperature drop severely first on my feet, then engulf my entire body as I continued down.  I checked the thermostat and it was low - very low.  

As I waited for the repair man, I wore my snow boots, down jacket, and scarf while sitting on my couch in my living room.  When he knocked on my door and I answered it in this attire, he laughed at me.  I had on more clothes than he did!

It took him a few hours to fix the furnace and I kept reminding myself that I really am thankful we found this home.  It is just exactly what we need for right now and we were so amazingly thankful when we finally found it.  It really does meet our currant needs well; all except our climate control needs, that is.


  1. Constantly reminding yourself that you love your house is very sweet! If you really love your house then why’d you have to do that Zen-like meditative activity? Anyway, I can only imagine how cold it was in your house with a broken furnace. Like I always say, make it a habit to regularly check your furnace to see if anything needs fixing. Don’t let this happen to your house again. Good luck!

    1. It's ironic that something that has always been there becomes unavailable or breaks by the time that you need it the most, just like a furnace or a water heating system being breaking down in the middle of winter. It happens all the time. Daryl is right. The furnace or any other system at home must be well-monitored and maintained so that it'll be in great condition by the time you need it.

      Carmella Vancil

  2. I agree with Carmella! This is exactly the reason why I have my plumber visit me before and after winter season. I see to it that my furnace is working well. But the most important thing for me is the plumbing system, which could end up heavily damaged – considering the age of our house and all its components.

    Althea Tumlin


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