Saturday, January 29, 2011

Even Not-So-Unexpected Compliments Are Nice

My Mitchell is not normally the sweetest of boys.  He is not mean or rude or even unpleasant to be around, but "sweetness" is not one of his top 5 virtues.  He is more likely to wrestle me to the ground than snuggle me.  He prefers a high five to a kiss or hug.  He will mumble some half-intelligible response when I tell him I missed him while he was at school.

There is one area where Mitchell suddenly shines though in the sweetness department.  Somewhere, he picked up the idea of paying compliments to his mom.  I suspect it was started by Matt as a one-time thing some evening I was moody or needed a compliment, but has morphed into his own version since then.  

At least once a day, usually more, Mitchell will pay me a compliment.  They almost always go like such: "Mom, I love you and I think you are pretty and beautiful and cool!"  They stayed just like that for a couple weeks, but then when Ben started joining in the "I love mom game," Mitchell began adding a few twists to it.  Now he adds one or more of the following: "I think you are fine, great, and awesome!" "I think you have pretty eyes!" "I like your socks!" 

My favorite one came a few days ago as we were driving somewhere though: "I love you, mom.  I think you are pretty and beautiful! [pause] I think you're a good driver, mom!"  

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