Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Boy And His Blankie

Since my last few blogs have been without pictures of my handsome little boys, I have been searching my mind for some inspiration - what can I do a quick blog about that I can add a picture to?  It came to me as I was trying to play with my tired and fussy baby, but he did not seem interested in any of my great ideas.  When I handed him his little blankie (we call it "bibi" pronounced "bee-bee") he instantly stopped fussing, smiled, smashed it into his face and wiggled in happiness.  Knowing my Jack as I do, I knew this was his way of saying, "You may put me in my bed now, mom!"

That boy loves his bibi.  He comes by it naturally though.  Both his older brothers are huge fans of their blankies as well.  Ben's has a smell that only he can smell that is special to him.  He loves the rough side of it and will absentmindedly run his fingers across it while watching a movie.   Mitchell will wear his over his head, ghost-style, or bury Jack in it to play a full-body game of peek-a-boo, or just wrap himself in it at night.  Jack's smells a tad..."iffy" because I try not to wash it too often, but he must have that over his face in order to fall asleep peacefully.  I let him hold it while I feed him his bottle at night and he pulls it up over the bottle, burying both his face and the bottle until it is finished.  

Some parents have asked me why my kids all love blankies so much, sharing with me that none of their kids have ever shown any fondness for a particular blanket.  My answer to this is the guess that I must have had something to do with it.  For whatever reason, I wanted them to have a special blankie (probably because I did: my "pretty") so I consistently gave it to them at night until it caught on!  Will I wish I had not encouraged blankie usage?  I doubt it.  They don't try to take them to school with them or out to play and they really come in handy when they are sad or scared or in trouble or just need a good snuggle on their own.  

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  1. I love the pictures! Soooo sweet! I have the one I got when I was a kid (in pieces basically) and then gramma and I made two more together.

  2. and Gretchen loves hers too!!! Don't know what we woudl do without it.. though she only uses it for sleeping too!

  3. Luca's is a monkey with a satin belly. Garrison's is one of 2 Hand Maid Foot Prince blankets that are the BEST ever. I'm all about "cues" for sleep and comfort. :)

  4. and there is really no way anyone else may hold or use their blankies (well, maybe mom). they belong to them exclusively!! you failed to mention that you still have your 'pretty', deb. :) Adoreable pics!

  5. So cute! Maine needs his blankie (an old burp rag he grew attached to because he puked so often!) and his Baby Elephant to sleep, too. And Gibs needs his two Oo-oos (monkeys). Every kid needs a lovey!
    Love the pic of all three boys with their blankies,

  6. well, the bigger boys sometimes let jack snuggle with their blankies if they are feeling generous and don't need them for anythign at the moment. they are beginning to come to terms with a little baby drool on them.

    mitchell actually has two blankies - his big one you see in the pics and also his little "bibi" that is so shredded and in pieces that it has to just live under his pillow now except for extreme emergencies!

  7. aubrey - it was the best i could get of all three of them with their blankies in the evening when jack is not at his best. notice the sleepy behavior: rolling into the blankie and smashing it to his face.



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