Monday, September 27, 2010

My Dentist Is Evolving

I have another update on my dentist.  I know, I post a lot about dentists, but I just happen to have a 3-year-old who is obsessed with being a dentist!

This afternoon, I left Mitchell and Jack together, playing unbelievably well together considering their age difference, to clean up the kitchen a bit on my own.  When I finished, I checked up on them and Jack was laying on the couch in Mitchell's room, mouth open, with Mitchell "working" on his 4 teeth.  I could not believe first: that Jack had climbed up there, second: he had not fallen off, third: he was laying still, fourth: he was allowing Mitchell to poke around in his mouth without biting him, and fifth: he was loving it!  When Jack saw me, the game was over, of course, and he wanted me to play with him instead.  

With his first patient all fixed up and moved on to other things, it was my turn to see "the dentist."  This can be a scary thing as I never quite know what to expect, given the assortment of tools he has to choose from.  Well, this time, my dentist was quite thorough and showed he has learned a few more skills and added some new services to his list of jobs he performs.  After a quick flashlight in the mouth, I then got my hair brushed (with a real brush, not a toy saw!), my hair blow-dried with a power drill, and my back scratched (this one was performed with the toy saw, but it was surprisingly effective!).  Then I had to sit with my feet up in the air for "about 12 hours" and I was good to go!   What a full service dentist I have!  So relaxing!  This time at least...


  1. LOL!! Great stories :) Maybe a calling of Mitchell's someday...full service salon including dental services :)

  2. perhaps!

    i gotta get this kid some real doctor tools though. and he needs a costume too - guess what he wants to be for halloween? "dentist" costumes are not terribly easy to find though...

  3. A white jacket a some "cheap" dr toys outa do the trick!

    That is so cute!

  4. I like this one:

    Can't wait to see what you come up with...

  5. nen - yeah, i am looking for a doctor jacket and perhaps some scrubs. i know dentists don't really wear scrubs, but it makes more of a costume. half the time he is really playing "doctor" and not "dentist" anyways



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