Saturday, September 18, 2010

I ♡ Riverside

I am hesitant to admit it lest I scare you a little, but I am watching you all!  Yes, I am monitoring my audience.  As soon as I saw a visitor counting device on a friend's blog, I knew I had to have it!  Up until fairly recently, since most of my readers are hesitant to actually sign up as "followers," I have had no real idea of who is reading and how many.  Enter the "counter."  I love it!  I have a new obsession!  I can watch you on so many levels: location, entry page, how many pages you visit each time, I can even view a map of the world with a little dot on your approximate location each time you make my day by reading my blog!  It is so exciting!  (I know, I don't get out much...)  I am pleased to announce that I am being read on all continents but South America, Australia, and Antarctica (Come on all you Antarcticans, get with it!)  

So I check a few times a week to see where you are and what you read (is that weird??) and I have to applaud my reader in Riverside, whoever you are.  I have a lot of readers in California, and am not sure which one of you is in Riverside, but you are my biggest fan!  I have as many hits from you as my home town, Chicago!   I   U! 


  1. I'm not sure what to say - Congratulations i suppose :-)
    At least you know we do actually we your blog!!
    I amy not always comment, but i LOVE reading it. You make me laugh on so many levels, i understand what you write about the boys and can see them doing it all as if i'm with you.

    I hope when they are old enough to understand it, they will enjoy the many stories you have shared with us about your crazy, lovable, adorable boys!!
    Keep the stories coming Debbie.
    Lisa xxx

  2. Sorry - I am half asleep here writing this..

    Above should read.. MAY not Amy and "we do actually READ your blog" Not we..

    Nite Nite xx

  3. is she close to Riverside? If so, that would make sense :)

  4. Lisa - yeah, makes more sense with your corrections...

    and I know you are a reader because you were my very first "follower!" Puts you right up there with "Riverside!"

  5. i get up every morningan check for new blog posts from the norquist family. we love it!!

  6. I'm always looking for your latest blog. I think you are creating a very publishable book.

  7. Palms Springs is in Riverside County so that is my guess :)

  8. Wait- how do you do that?? I want to do it on mine, though I'm pretty sure I'd only have people from one continent. :)

  9. Deb, I love your postings and I agree with Terry. You are creating stories and memories that will make a good and funny book to publish one day.
    Did you get my jogging story yet?

  10. well, the mystery of riverside is solved thanks to cousin kyle!

    mom - no hits from oregon show up at all except one from medford every once in a while. not sure where your dot ends up or why you are invisible along with all the other oregonians!

    thanks aunt terry and aunt vicki! not sure about the book idea, but hopefully something fun for my boys to read to their boys some day.

  11. I'm sure Jack will love the bathroom mess story :)



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