Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Special Date

Did I mention Ben and I are HUGE Shrek fans?  Well, we are, and on our way home from the gym the other day, we saw a sign on a taxi for Shrek the musical.  Ben spotted that and said, "Mom, did you see that Shrek taxi?  It had a real Shrek on it!  What's up with that?"  When I told him it was sign for a real, live Shrek musical, he was a bit incredulous.  For the next few days, he could not get it out of his head, and he kept me informed of this: "Mom, I really just can't get that Shrek musical out of my head!  It's really stuck there!"  

Well, I knew this would be something he would really love and enjoy, so I got us tickets last weekend and we had a special date - just the two of us.  He was so incredibly excited on the way in, LOVED the entire show (he was literally on the edge of his seat most of the show, laughing and whispering and clapping/chearing when appropriate), and made it back to the train ride home before his excitement and constant chatter gave out to sleepiness and he crashed on my lap.  What a great night.  I will let the pictures fill in the gaps for what I have left out.


  1. So great Deb! You looked beautiful for your son :) One of those unforgettable experiences I am sure. Maybe you are giving birth to a theatre buff :) Love the last pic on the train....

  2. What an adorble little boy you have - Don't you just love dates with just one of your children, so special!!
    I love the picture of Ben asleep, obviously he had a very memorable date with his mammy!!
    BTW - LOVE your hair, you look so different with it darker! It really suits you! keep it like that! You actually look younger ( if that's possible )
    Lisa xxx

  3. ahh.... soo sweet.... I will take Ben to musicals any time he wants!! I LOVE them!!! what a super special date night! :)

  4. Looks like my comment didn't post for some crazy reason.
    Oh my - you're a brunette!! Looks great - I feel so out of the loop! Ready to get out of this newborn fog and rejoin the living. :)
    We are planning to be in church on Sunday if Maine gets feeling better - hope to see you there. Mark's family is coming this Sunday, but we NEED to go to lunch the next time we're all there with no plans. Crazy that we're a crew of 10 now, isn't it?? Miss you guys!

  5. yes, i will be there. i am in the nursery so stop by! matt is out of town all weekend, so i will be wrangling all the boys on my own.

    let's just schedule a week to do it, that way we ARE the plans! :)

  6. Grandma Kathy said:

    Special one to one dates with your kids are so special. I'm sure Ben will remember this date for a long time.



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